Hi, I'm Katy.

I'm an accidental geek who gets overly excited about platforms and apps that make lives easier for freelancers, charities and small businesses. 

I feel your pain

I'm a freelancer myself so I get it. Like, really. 

I've also worked or volunteered with charities and non-profits since 2008 (particularly around sustainability) so I know the challenges that you're likely to be facing in the third sector. 

I talk like a human being

You don't want to feel scared by lots of technical vocabulary or like you're being taken advantage of. This is a jargon-free zone and no questions are silly.

I'll give you clear explanations at every step of the process, without overwhelming you. I'll do this in a way that's friendly, honest and straightforward. 

I'm an experienced speaker

I love talking about Squarespace, useful online tools, and topics relating to life as a freelancer such as managing your time. I also weirdly love facilitating panel discussions. Niche, I know.

I really like animals

I've got two greyhounds and two cats at home and my dream is to make a website for an animal shelter. I've even made an example of how it could look

I change my hair a lot

This makes consistency on photos and videos for my website quite tricky.

I won an award

I'm the IPSE Freelance Ambassador of the Year 2017 for my work supporting other people who are self employed, through my side project, Freelance Folk. Go me!

I have a confusing business name

I thought I was being sooooo clever. I explain what it's all about in a blog post