How much does it cost?

I charge £75 per session (which is between 60-90 minutes) or if you pre-pay for three sessions it's £200.

One session is generally enough to get a basic understanding of how to add and edit page or blog content on Squarespace. If you wanted to also delve into changing the design (fonts, colours, layout etc.) or anything to do with selling online and managing products, you'd probably want another session or two for that. 

Virtual training

 Here's how the virtual training works:

  • If you don’t already have a Squarespace site, I’ll suggest a template to start with and you can set up your free trial

  • In advance of the session, you give me admin access to your website (if you aren't sure how to do this, don’t worry I can send you instructions, and you can easily remove me afterwards)

  • Before the session, I'll familiarise myself with how your site is set up so we make the most of our time together on the training call

  • On the call, we'll be logged into the site at the same time 

  • I talk you through what to do and then you can follow along on your own computer (for most people, doing reinforces the learning better than just watching)

  • I generally do the calls by Skype, mostly using just audio but with the option to share screens if there's anything you aren't sure about 

I normally do training calls between the hours of 12pm - 8pm (UK time).

Face to face training

I can offer face to face training sessions within most of the following areas:

  • Manchester

  • Cheshire

  • North Wales

Do get in touch to check if I cover your specific location. I'm happy to travel, there may just be a small extra cost depending on the distance. 

Want to book or have more questions?

Drop me a line on to arrange your training or give me a ring on 07904 781 573