The Thinking Project

Sophie does amazing work helping coaches and facilitators, and she wanted a website that could automate some of her workshop bookings. 

She also wanted something that reflected her personality and brand more, that was professional but not corporate. 

I was both really excited and incredibly daunted at creating a website. I wanted a new site that would reflect my work more authentically and I’d spent time and money on re-branding so I really wanted to have an on-line presence that did that justice. Whilst I am reasonably competent as an end user, building websites is definitely not my area of expertise and having gone through this process I am 100% sure I would never have been able to create something as intuitive, simple and clear as Katy has done.

I love the website that Katy has created. She has over delivered at every step of the process working repeatedly on things until I was happy with the final outcome. She has not only created a site that does everything I wanted but it’s also really easy to update it myself. Katy has been happy for me to continue to ask her questions as I have started to use the site and as I’m working out what I need now that it is live.

Working with Katy has been a delight. She’s a treasure-trove of useful information not just about Squarespace but all things to do with the internet. She is helpful and generous with her knowledge and easy to work with. I really can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Sophie Stephenson, The Thinking Project
Katy Carlisle