The team at the South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association (SYEDA) were concerned their old website was preventing people from getting the help that they needed. 

I worked closely with them to create a new website that had lots of opportunities for people to complete the referral form, and they have seen a significant increase in referrals since launching the new website. 

We have hugely benefitted from our new website so expertly and patiently facilitated by you. Feedback from service users, potential employees and volunteers and other stakeholders has been extremely positive. It has definitely increased our profile and improved our image.

Most importantly it has led to a significant increase in self referrals with many citing ease of use and strong sense of applicability between our mission/vision and their situation/aspirations... it has been one of the best investments we have made.
— Chris Hood, CEO at South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association
Katy Carlisle