These are a few of my favourite things (that are Chrome Extensions)

GUYS. Recently I had a bit of an epiphany. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me talking a lot about Dense Discovery, which is basically the newsletter I wish I’d created. I heard about it via Paul Jarvis (drink) and it’s full of links to interesting apps and software along with interesting articles and design inspiration.

“Yeah yeah, but what about this epiphany?” I hear you cry. Hold thine horses, I’m getting there. So, I was metaphorically crying into my coffee because I was annoyed with myself for not being Dense Discovery, and then it hit me.


I’d started to ask myself why I was feeling annoyed (I fully credit Michelle for giving me the skills to do this by the way) and realised it was because sharing about cool apps and software was the reason I started my business. Squarespace was one of these tools, and that side of my work took off so much that I kind of forgot that I really love finding and geeking out about tech, especially if it’s easy to use without any coding knowledge.

Boom. Revelation. I LOVE THE INTERNET. I'm majorly, totally, crazy in love with the internet.

What does it all mean? Well, I’m still Katy from the block, and I’m going back to my roots. Writing blog posts has always been my nemesis so I can’t promise frequent content, but I’m also renewing my vows with Twitter so I’ll be sharing a lot more geekery on there.

Wait, what, you were just here for the Chrome extensions?

Mmmmkay, here you go. These are the extensions that I’m currently using, in no particular order other than how they appear on my browser toolbar.

1. Eye Dropper

Super helpful in my line of work for getting colour codes from a web page (it gives you the hex, rgb and hsl values) and it also has a built in colour palette and picker if you want to play around. It remembers the most recent colours you’ve used too which is handy.

2. Buffer

If you aren’t familiar with Buffer, it’s a social media scheduling tool that lets you queue up tweets for later. The extension lets you quickly add tweets to your Buffer queue with one click and means you aren’t spamming everyone’s feed by doing all your retweeting at once (or maybe it’s just me that worries about this).

3. FireShot

With this extension you can take screenshots of the visible part of your screen, a selection of your choosing, or the full page (although it tends to struggle with REALLY long pages). If you’re using it for a full page capture with Squarespace it will only work if you’re not logged in to the admin view for some reason.

4. Squarespace Collection/Block Identifier

A rather more niche one relating to my Squarespace work. Handy for getting the information to allow you to target certain pages or blocks with CSS, without having to dig through the code. If this means nothing to you, just move along.

5. Coolors

My first and only paid for extension and utterly worth it. If you haven’t come across it before, Coolors is a colour scheme generator that exists totally separately to the Chrome extension. But that’s not what this post is about. The extension allows you to save your own preset colour palettes so they’re always easily accessible. Now I don’t have to leave the window I’m working in to quickly grab the relevant colour code for a particular project. Huzzah!

6. Tabby Cat

Do you see? Because it’s a Chrome extension that puts an adorable cat in a new tab and also cats are tabby. They have names like Master Fluffernutter and you can give them accessories. You can even buy new pets that aren’t cats. I’m very tempted by the Squishy Seal.

Don’t you wish your tabby was hipster like me?

Don’t you wish your tabby was hipster like me?

7. Twitcher

I wanted to donate towards this as it’s awesome but the link was broken. The extension itself however is amazeballs. If you are a serial-creator-of-Twitter-accounts-for-side-projects like me (or maybe you just have separate accounts for work and personal use) then this WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So you know how on your phone you can easily switch between accounts but on the web version you can’t? Yep. Twitcher = Twitter Switcher. You are welcome.

8. Imageye

There are probably loads of extensions that do this, I pretty much chose this one at random but it’s so useful for downloading images that you’d otherwise have to delve into the code to extract. It’s handy for getting Instagram photos too. It goes without saying that you should use this for good and not evil. Copyright matters, people.

9. Loom

This is my go-to option for doing short screen capture videos and it’s great for creating training guides for clients. You can record your whole screen or just one tab, and there’s an option to record from your webcam too (although I don’t tend to use that much). It has some basic editing options and you can send the recording as a link, or download the video. I’ve had a couple of problems with it not recording audio on the tab only mode, but deleting and reinstalling the extension fixes it and to be fair it hasn’t happened in ages.

10. Refined Twitter

Sadly this doesn’t remove morons from social media, but it does make the Twitter web experience better. It takes away the annoying bits (bye bye promoted tweets) and adds useful features such as a quicker way to get to the tweets you’ve previously liked.

11. Trelabels for Trello

My love for Trello has been well documented and I’m planning to do an updated post on how I’m using Trello at the moment, as it does change over time.

I’m a big fan of its labels feature but unless you actually click into a card, only the colour shows up and not the actual label title. This is where Trelabels comes in. It makes the label title visible on the overview as well. Helpful for someone that uses the same colour for different labels like meeeee.

That’s all folks.

Tweet me @thewheelexists with your faves. Umm what else? Ugh conclusions were always the worst bits of essays to write and I feel the same about blog posts.

p.s. Clueless fans, I couldn’t quite bring myself to write “butt crazy” earlier but please know that you have my undying respect if you noticed the omission.

Katy Carlisle